My Clearing on Bobby the Bunny

By Angela Hahn

The power of The Clearing Process always amazed me during the POCCC course. Perhaps the most amazing ego story that linked in with my core beliefs, though, was the one I had held onto for over 30 years about my rabbit, Bobby.

I was given Bobby by a family who were friends and who bred rabbits and ate them too. I was delighted to have Bobby – I must have been about 9 years old and Bobby was a birthday present. Although Bobby lived in a hutch and our back garden, he often managed to escape and was found in the next door field or on the building site at the back of our garden. My dad put a collar on him with a long chain to stop him escaping.

I went away on a short holiday (I think it was with the Guides [Girl Scouts]) and when I returned home, Bobby had gone. I asked my parents where he was and they told me they had given him back to the family who bred him. They laughed about it. I believed that the family would kill him and eat him and was extremely upset. This experience reinforced a number of already well-established beliefs about myself: that I was not important (in my family) and that my needs and wants would not be met (by others). It also echoed my belief that I was powerless and worthless, that I was not going to be cared for by anyone and was unable to care for others properly. I also believed that I was unable to protect or save others. Underlying this was a very strong belief that I was not lovable or worthy of love.

The Clearing Process allowed me to fully release the pain and sadness of this experience and let go of my feelings of blame towards my parents and myself.

I now feel a complete sense of peace with this episode of my life, not just on an intellectual level, but a deep sense within. I know this because I am able to speak of it with no emotional charge or ‘mind chatter’. I can even smile about the extraordinarily creative part of me that shows me what I believe my world to be!!

With Love,
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