The Healing Love of Darshan Zenith

By Dominick Manetti

In mid July, I went to the emergency room in severe pain. A knee problem that first arose at 16 acted up again, extra cartilage behind my left knee cap formed into a Popliteal cyst several centimeters in diameter. The Ortho Doctor on duty in the Emergency Room at St. Joseph’s hospital confirmed my suspicions, but two weeks later when I returned for an MRI every trace of the cyst had vanished. The intent of this testimonial is to offer a possible explanation that, while it certainly is not the only one, may help those in similar or worse circumstances. First I would like to provide some background information about myself.

My name is Dominick, I am 23 years old. I have been studying metaphysics and healing for nine years. My tutelage began in late 1999 under the watchful eye of my first teacher, a man named Taylen. It was he who first introduced the concept of body bending to the true will of spirit, of properly interpreting and directing energy to aid physical ailments. Among other things, he taught me that pain and sickness in the body may be indicative of other, less obvious problems, by addressing these issues, some sicknesses could be dealt with practically immediately. I did not have much understanding of his teachings at the time, though I feel I have kept them with me all these years and allowed them to unfold as my ability to comprehend it has deepened.

This summer between my E.R. visit and flawless M.R.I. I was lucky enough to have an encounter with an inspirational healer named Darshan Zenith. I was very anxious of this meeting, this was one of the rare days that I had taken pain medication; as such I was very out of sorts, but he recognized this immediately and over tea did his best to put me at ease. We talked briefly about my condition, its symptoms and history, and Darshan’s work. He told me that though he had helped countless individuals, his greatest challenge was teaching people that his talents were in fact not unique, that every person contained within them the potential to heal.

After a brief meditative moment he explained to me that my pain, was my body’s way of showing me that it was suffering from a lack of love, manifested in this cyst. He then sat down and outlined a procedure to help me deal with this problem. First, he said, I needed to objectify my pain in order to understand it. We practiced with a few basic objects, the couch cushions, a coffee mug, a spoon. The exercise consisted of harnessing my higher consciousness to observe the objects, free from any preconceived notions or ego-mind pattern explanations. In other words, when examining the spoon I willfully allowed myself to forget everything I knew about the object, focusing instead on its characteristics and purpose. Darshan explained that in this way I could confront the cyst in my knee by moving my consciousness through my body; before then however I would have to forget everything I had been told about the condition. Instead I needed to purely examine it, probe it with my minds eye, fully look at and embrace it.

Admittedly, this was difficult to do. The process of moving the minds eye through the body to see its energy pools and flow is a basic principle of Reiki healing that I am familiar with. I have never had a problem performing these exercises on other people, but when I moved my consciousness through my leg I encountered a serious problem. Pooled around the rather large cyst was a tremendous clog of knotted, thick energy. When I finally was able to ease through it slowly and carefully, it was as though a light switch within me had been flipped. I objectively witnessed the “cause” of my pain, understood at once how my knee had been literally growing cartilage to pool it together. Darshan gave me an intensely personal tarot card reading before explaining the next step. He said in order to make the cyst pass, I needed to forgive my body for acquiring this ailment. Next, I needed to forgive my body for extrapolating the problem into something insurmountable that could not be overcome. This is the greatest fallacy the medical profession has impressed upon all of us from a very young age and learning its incorrectness is an invaluable tool in metaphysical healing. As my first teacher told me many years ago, there is no problem faith cannot solve, no wall too high for the divine in us to climb. By accepting my ability to heal, I had already effectively reduced the problem, though it would not pass until I completed the work that needed to be done.

The last thing Darshan said I needed to do was love and cherish this pain itself, to hold it and finally, to dismiss it with the notion that it had fulfilled its purpose and was no longer needed.

The most important element in this process has been Faith. After Darshan left, it took me about three days to complete all of the exercises he outlined for me and to understand how they worked. I could feel the cyst pass away immediately once I finished doubting myself. In the new testament (King James Version) Book of Luke, Ch. 17 V. 6, Jesus says “if ye had faith [the size of] a mustard seed, ye might say unto this [mighty] tree, be though plucked up by the root, and be though planted in the sea, and it will obey you.” Different translations of this passage infer that the “tree” image might actually be a reference to a nearby mountain, which might further emphasize the point, but the difference is purely semantic. Jesus isn’t speaking metaphorically here, but literally of the power of faith.

With one pure iota of faith, things thought impossible will suddenly become commonplace. I could have used my energy to push and pull and prod at that cyst for years, but until the moment I embraced pure faith that my intentions would be honored and carried out, my healing could not have occurred. I still deal with some minor tenderness and tightness in my hamstring that remains in the wake, but considering the cyst vanished in less than two weeks without a doctor to explain how or why it happened, I consider the experience to be a positive one. If there is anything my various teachers have instilled in me, if there is anything I would hope to pass on to one of my students, it is this: Never forget that through love, hope and faith, all things are possible.

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