Ego & Spirit: A Story

By Tami Visser

Ego and Suppressed Spirit lived together in a small, little house in a dark, dark, land. Ego was the boss; very loud and clear. He ran the show and took great delight in telling Suppressed Spirit how to feel and that the world outside was big and scary. He would say to Spirit, “I am all powerful, I am strong. I will protect you. Do not wander far because the Watcher may follow you back and then we surely both shall die.”

So for a long time Suppressed Spirit played happily under Ego’s watchful eye. Sometimes while she was playing all be her self she would see a light in the distance. It gave her comfort to see the light. Sometimes the light came closer and it made her feel curious. So she began to ask others about the light. Some people seemed very familiar with it and other very fearful. In books she read that some people lived in a land enveloped in the light all the time and she wondered to herself how that must feel.

Ego got very angry when she asked questions about the light. “Why do you want to know about the light? Don’t you think I am doing a good job taking care of you? Shame on you!” But even with the Ego’s presence, Spirit still felt alone.

So she began a journey to go to the land of light. She read books, and looked for guides along the way. She found out that there were lots of helpful people who could show her the way to the land of light. Eventually she met a group of loving people who not only knew about the land of the light, but they had the light shining in their eyes and were not afraid to venture into the land of darkness. In fact, they didn’t even seem to see the darkness. She asked them to teach her how to see the light all the time. They did, and she found she saw Ego in a very different way now too.

A new friend called The Watcher then seemed to be with her all the time. Watcher helped her be aware of Ego and the ways he tried to get her to come back to the dark little house in the land of darkness. With Watcher she was able to see the light everywhere, and it made her feel so full and connected to everything that she wanted to share what she learned with everyone.

Unsure, but with the light to guide her way and the Watcher by her side, she was able to help others in the darkness to see the light that is always shining on them.
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