The Power of Forgiveness

By Sandy Levey-Lunden

In 1990, I received ‘The Power of Clearing’ tool as an answer to my desperate request to God for a way to heal pain and suffering and end separation in relationships, after my own husband fell in love with another woman 25 years younger than me. I told God in a prayer that I could live for 30 days more while my husband was seeing this other woman and while I felt so much confusion, pain and suffering in my life about this. I felt desperate for an answer. I had given God 31 days to give me an answer to free people, as well as myself, from all pain and suffering in relationship.

On the 31st day of my prayer, which went on day and night, when I was not talking to my 5-year old daughter, the Holy Spirit sent a man into my life, whose wife had fallen in love with another man at exactly the same place and time as my husband. He had been my own student and promoter of the courses in Sweden. The two love affairs of our partners took place at an International Peace Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. This man, Mats, joined with me in a purpose: to find a way out of all pain and suffering in relationship.

Mats came carrying A Course in Miracles under his arm and saying that he wanted to study it. I had seen this ACIM book before. In fact, I had received two copies in the 1980’s from two of my students, when the book was in three volumes. Over the years, I had looked into these sets of books and felt that, if I were to study them, I would have to change everything I felt, thought, and believed. In fact, I thought that studying these books would change my whole life. I was not prepared to do that in the 1980’s. Now I was in total pain and suffering and, because of that, I was prepared to study ACIM. I had also been teaching seminars for ten years and I needed an even deeper way to support people in their breakthroughs in the crises of relationship break-up.

While I was living in Sweden, and Mats and I were in relationship in a joint purpose, I received the answer to my prayer in the form of the ‘Clearing Process’ and ‘The Big Truth and Little Truth Chart’. The ‘Clearing Process’ exactly matches the principles of A Course in Miracles and I began to study the Course with my new partner, as a way of freeing myself from suffering in relationships, freeing others and ending separation. In fact, we left Sweden for four months and went to Hawaii to study ACIM night and day, and apply the learning in a practical way to our thinking and our lives. ACIM became a passion and a joining force in our lives. We still traveled back and forth to Sweden every six weeks to teach classes there together

Forgiveness from a Course (ACIM) perspective is not the same as the traditional teaching of how to forgive. In the traditional definition, we forgive by overlooking something that we believe actually happened and thus we see the error that someone has made and attempt to overlook it. In Course based forgiveness, we recognize that it is our thoughts about the situation that we need to forgive. We give everything the meaning it has for us and therefore it is our interpretation of any situation that needs to be released. So it is all about having ‘a little willingness’ to look at our unconscious, limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order to release them.

The Clearing assists a person in removing the unconscious and conscious guilt from their past. It provides tools for changing the way they view everything, from their relationships, finances, and their personal success. Clearing is the single most useful tool I have seen for releasing all the limiting beliefs that run peoples’ lives, send them into harmful cycles, and motivate self-destructive attitudes and behaviors. The Clearing Process is a simple, yet profound, tool for speaking your total truth and releasing your ego thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In the Clearing, we are confirming the Holy Spirit's truth in every communication. We forgive ourselves, with the Holy Spirit as witness and guide, for believing what our egos tell us.

Current upsets are simply doorways into old thoughts and old memories that are in the ‘basement’ of our ego mind so that by releasing them you can choose a life of joy instead of suffering. Choice is the most powerful tool we have in the mind. Our power to choose determines the world we see, the relationships we have and the success we experience. Our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behavior are all the result of choices we make. In other words, we determine our experience through the choices we make. Bringing this to awareness allows us to continue to make better choices.

The following is a testimonial, in her own words, from a women who has taken my classes. It is a great example of how unconscious beliefs can effect current relationships and how forgiving those beliefs is the biggest step that can be taken toward peace.

"When I was eight years old, I started menstruating and I was devastated when my mother failed to communicate with and inform me about what was happening to me and my body. Then, when I was 14, she was frightened when she found out that a teenager at my school was pregnant. She went into a rage, telling me that if I got pregnant, "over her dead body" would she ever let me keep it. "I will make you have an abortion", she said. Meanwhile I was not sexually active, but had always known I wanted to someday have a family. Later in life I realized I was emotionally and physically paralyzed by these earlier experiences. I grew up feeling that it wasn't safe for me to bring a baby into this world. I felt it was bad to be a woman, that I should reject all that is feminine and motherly in me. In my logical mind, I knew this was not true, but deep down I felt I wasn't worthy of what I wanted most.

When I was 30, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a hormonal and auto-immune condition that causes endometrial cells to grow outside of the uterus. It causes internal bleeding, pain and infertility. I scheduled a radical surgery to have the endo excised, but then changed my mind. I decided to explore my beliefs and childhood experiences first, to heal those, and see where that would take me. Through working with Sandy Levey-Lunden over three courses (The Art of Surrender, Choosing Freedom: the Way Out, and True Woman's Power) and ACIM, I forgave my mother for her behaviour and influence. But, more importantly, I stopped blaming her in the now, and I forgave myself for believing – for more than a decade – that I was unworthy, unsafe, damaged and infertile. I freed myself from learned helplessness and embraced the truth that I am worthy, loving, lovable – that, at age 33, it was in fact safe for me to bring a baby into the world with my loving husband. Within three months of feeling complete with this healing journey, my husband and I conceived and our miracle baby, Xavier, was born on April 9, 2004."


Through my teaching The Clearing Process over the years, I have had the joy and honor of seeing sicknesses healed, marriages saved, and families reunited. It was because they forgave each other and themselves. The Clearing lifted the fog from the mirror, and they saw their True Selves looking back at them, with the Holy Spirit at their side, and thus could see the world through themselves clearer than ever before. The Clearing Process is True forgiveness.

I am privileged to make teaching The Clearing Process my life purpose, and have been able to train coaches to teach it to more and more people. Of course, it is not a fix-all, end-all solution. Forgiveness takes diligence and the will to be happy rather than to be right about what you think you believe about the world and your self. I hope everyone takes this first step to choose to forgive and end separation in this world. It is our most important job, and we do get “paid” for it, in rewards of freedom, peace, joy, and love.

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