Miracles Alliance Member Spotlight: Meet Sandy Levey-Lunden

by Karen Bentley (November 2005)

ACIM has been an ongoing influence in Sandy Levey-Lunden's life since 1990. It brought new spiritual insight and deepened her understanding of the path of happiness. Sandy is an international workshop leader (her worldwide schedule for November 2005 is listed below), speaker and counselor. Since founding "On Purpose" in 1982, Sandy has assisted over 30,000 people around the world in transforming their lives regarding relationships and personal power. Inspiring her audience with bold messages, Sandy dares and challenges people to go for their dreams, masterfully leading from their own inner power.

Question: Sandy, what makes your programs different/better than other similar programs currently available?

Answer: At this moment my programs have one therapist to every two participants. This makes my courses a very deep, personal experience for each participant. I offer 16 different courses. Each one of them was written by me during an experience I had with a client or a student or a series of clients and students, who were going through very deep challenges on a subject like relationship. Programs such as "The Art of Surrender," "Partners on Purpose," "The Art of Merging," and "The Holy Relationship" were developed from these experiences. We use 11 different modalities of healing in each class. When a participant comes to a place of upset or lack of peace as the seminar is in process, he can then go out of the room and work with the therapist using one of these modalities. The work is very personal to the incident, trauma or belief of the person. All of the deep learning is based on A Course In Miracles. Most of the programs are 2 1/2 days long, approximately 36 hours. These hours pass like one minute, they are so all -encompassing and profound.

Question: Sandy, you're very successful. What's the secret of a successful seminar/coaching business?

Answer: Attracting the people you want to work with. Creating a way for them to understand who you are, what you offer, and how you can uniquely benefit them at this moment in their lives. Also, you have to have a technology that is clear and to the point that you are teaching. If you are on purpose to your purpose, other people will refer participants to you. You must also clear your resistance as a coach to having the life you say you want to have,

Question: Sandy, what do you personally do when you hear the word no?

Answer: Whenever I hear the word "no," I keep asking permission questions so the person can really clarify whether it is resistance in the form of fear or guilt or whether they really mean to say no. It is always easier to take no and just not continue the communication. It is a service to people if you help them see if they really mean no.

Question: Sandy, have you ever had a "dark" period in your life, and how did you handle it?

Answer: Yes, I had a dark period in my life. I'd say from most of my childhood and up until my early 20's I was working deeply with my own guilt, blaming my mom and dad, and I had anorexia. Only by some very sure confrontation with myself was I able to pull myself out of it. I also seemed to be fooling my personal therapy by not actually wanting to release my pain and suffering, but instead wanting to be right. I was very surely stuck, with my heels in the ground, to never let go of my pain. I would say I never let go of my pain until I became A Course In Miracles student, creating very deep processes that broke myself through and many other people.

Question: Sandy, what do most people not know about you?

Answer: I would say that I am a shy person who has a big mission and purpose. Since I am fully willing to commit to mission and purpose, I will put myself out in the world and go beyond my shyness. I love studying ACIM, flowers, walking in the woods, deep interaction, close moments, open curious-alive people, clearing, and Pontus-my Sheltie. I love the feeling of community that I have among all my students and friends who study ACIM with me all over the world.

Question: Sandy, how did you come to be such a direct, dynamic and forthright person?

Answer: As a child I did not communicate because I wanted to be right, and if I didn't speak, I could be right. Today, I communicate fully to the best of my ability, everything possible that I can say, so I let go of any point of view. I teach full communication in all my courses. If I leave you a message on your phone you will have a full discourse.

Sandy is buying a wonderful property to create A Course In Miracles healing center and to build an ACIM community in the Pacific Northwest, specifically outside of Bellingham, Washington. It is her lifelong dream to have this ACIM community realized. The present property she is considering for purchase has 36 sleeping areas. She welcomes support and contributions from those who would like to join her in this endeavor.

Karen Bentley is the author of 7 books including The Sugar-free Solution™, The Book of Love, 10 Radiant Ideas and The Power to Stop, which is forthcoming. For more information about her go to www.karenbentley.com
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