My Journey Through the Power of Clearing Certification Program

By Rob Wills, March 2008

I am reporting here my own personal journey through Sandy Levey-Lunden’s Power of Clearing Coaching Certification Programme™. It would have seemed inconceivable to me prior to participating in this course to be relaying some of the details contained in this article to a potential audience, as some of the issues I processed and shared during the programme I had never discussed with anyone before. The motivation to fly out to Washington to join the programme was born out of my participation in a three day workshop ran by Sandy in London called ‘The Holy Relationship’. My experience at this workshop, and particularly in using Sandy’s Clearing Process™, a coaching tool she created herself which I first learned at this London workshop, had such a profound effect upon me that I wanted to continue and deepen my own personal journey under Sandy’s guidance as well as to learn how to teach this tool to others.

The Clearing Process™ is an exercise with three phases, which is generally an exchange between two people using a set pattern of words. A commitment to the process enables a person to release any negative projections, thoughts, feelings and beliefs about themselves and others and to see themselves and others in their Truth. In my relatively short time using the process, I have been astounded by mine and others journeys through it and it is most satisfying to watch somebody see for the first time the root cause of negative thoughts and patterns that are playing out in their present day lives and then to move through into the latter stages of the Clearing and release them. The beauty of this exercise is not only that it is simple and it works but it is also completely in line with ACIM’s definition of forgiveness, so you get to accelerate your journey with the Course too!

My core beliefs

I came to the training with many negative beliefs about myself and I also felt I had my fair share of issues. I had struggled with bouts of depression and addiction, had a real sense of self loathing and I often feared attack in certain social situations. I had a crippling fear of abandonment, coupled with a deep fear of intimacy that had held me back from forming any lasting partnerships. During the course of the training, using the Clearing Process™ and other exercises aimed at finding core beliefs about myself, [as well as my projections onto other people], I began to identify and process the patterns and negative thoughts in my life that were keeping me stuck. Being in a workshop, although completely safe, is a very concentrated environment and what struck me the most was the amount I projected people in my present and past ‘real life’ onto other people in the group.

What I love about Sandy and her team:

They gently and lovingly nudged us, being so in the moment with what is happening. They are willing to change the plan if necessary, having consistent flexibility. They clearly demonstrate they have done and are doing the work themselves. They are individually and equally brilliant. Writing this article

Through sharing with the group I came out of my stuff, and realised that it was my keeping me alone and separate that was keeping me miserable. As soon as I reconnected I felt so good. I realised too that there is nothing to hide; that freedom is when you have the willingness to hide nothing. I learned how to surrender to the Holy Spirit – I just didn’t get it before, but I’m learning now.

Conclusion: what I’ve learned:

  • To love myself in the moment, no matter how I’m behaving, using my ‘watcher’ to notice my thoughts, feelings, reactions without judgment and with compassion
  • That it is safe to give and receive love
  • I have intimately deepened my journey with ACIM Observations
  • I found passion. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of teaching people the process, and feel so alive doing this work, where I had felt dead for so long.
  • Once stuff is out its nothing. You don’t have a secret, it has you. Hide nothing – say everything.
  • Whatever I have been addicted to is ultimately addiction to the negative payoffs of guilt. Something will only trigger you if you believe it about yourself.
  • Trying to do stuff on my own was hard but is easy with the Holy Spirit.
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