How I Came to Study A Course in Miracles

By Sandy Levey-Lunden

In 1980 while I was a personal success coach in San Francisco, one of my clients brought me the first three volume set of ACIM as a gift. I looked into these books and I said to myself "If I was to study these books or this methodology, I would have to change everything I think, feel and believe in my life. And why would I want to do that?" I put the books aside, saying to myself "This is too much work and revamping of my whole life." A few weeks later, I received another set of the three volume ACIM set. I was very surprised to receive a second set! I thought to myself that this had to be more than a coincidence, it was a message. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I would become a real student and teacher of the Course.

I went on to become a teacher, a seminar leader and a trainer, teaching my own courses that I wrote for my business, which I named On Purpose. In all the trainings I wrote, which today total 18, I constantly referred to these ACIM books for quotes, ideas and ways to help people process what they were going through. These ACIM books became a reference library for me and I memorized many of the quotes in the 1980's. Shortly after that I received a cassette tape that I began to play and sing to, which was directed by ACIM and written by Rabbi Nathan and Rabbi Joseph. I did not realize that what I had memorized were in fact very deep passages of ACIM.

In 1989 I moved to Sweden. At that time I had been working in my seminar and coaching business for ten years in San Francisco; Vancouver, Canada; Australia and Hawaii. Within a year's time, my husband and I put on a peace conference of which he was a member of the board that put on the conference in Gothenberg, Sweden. At the end of this conference I had a great crisis in my life when my husband told me that he had fallen in love with a younger woman who was 25 years younger than us. I told my husband that that couldn't possibly be true. One can't fall in love with one person and then fall in love with another but I could not explain to his satisfaction why this couldn't be true. In my desperation I began to pray and said my prayer over and over all day long, for God to send me a partner who wanted to align with me in my purpose - to end separation and suffering. I thought to myself that it could even be my present husband, but I had no idea who this person would be. God sent me Mats Stjernkvist.

Mats came into my life on the 31st day of my prayer which was the deadline I had set for myself to have my answer given to me. He came to my castle home in Sweden while my husband was out seeing his girlfriend and it was the first day of one of my courses called The Art of Surrender.

Mats had the same experience I did- his wife had fallen in love with another man at the same peace conference. He had the same intention and desire as I- the pure peace of God. When Mats came into my life he came carrying ACIM, saying he wanted to use these books to free everyone and ourselves. And so, together, we became avid students of ACIM. I channeled a powerful method that clears pain and suffering and a chart which explains the clearing. After I read ACIM I found that my channeled method and chart specifically matched ACIM.

Now I would say, 15 years later, for everything I think, do, feel and say I automatically check myself to see if I am in line with ACIM and if not, see what forgiveness can be given to increasingly live and be in pure Truth.
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