Personal Coaching Sessions

with Sandy Levey-Lunden are available by appointment

Sandy possesses an uncanny understanding and an intuitive soul.

Over 30,000 participants who have worked with her worldwide can attest to this fact.

She and her select, dedicated assistants know how to reach inward beyond the depths of other-inflicted and self-defeating behaviors and attitudes. They bring to your fingertips your own illusive and uncaptured ability to understand and overcome fears, obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments.

She works hard, and expects it from you, too. Because it's your destiny.

Sandy's sensitive, but provocative encounters challenge you to reach deeper - and higher - until you achieve the levels of perception, contentment and joy, and personal satisfaction that elevate you to the next step of conquering and achievement.

You will learn about you and where you can go. And that's a gift!

Making the initial decision to pursue an undefined destiny can be scary. That's why Sandy invites you to contact her, to feel the comfort and certitude you may need to proceed comfortably. Once you begin coaching, you'll truly grab hold of understanding yourself, your capabilities, and ultimate freedom.

    "I got a precise idea of what I want to do. I revealed and released barriers that were in my way of expressing myself fully. Before coming here I felt trapped in a tight box. Now I am enjoying the beauty and freedom of hopping out of the box and having unlimited joy in sharing myself with the world. I've received precious feedback and a clearer image of what I am about and what my skills and talents are. I was able to find my personal purpose and vision." ~ M.B.

    "During a coaching session I learned Sandy 's specific clearing method technique. Within minutes, long harbored feelings were released for good and my business and life began to rebound literally in under 24 hours. It was welcomed relief during very challenging economic times. I recommend Sandy 's simple approach to anyone interested in clearing stubborn habits that hold us back from reaching our full potential. She is a trusted resource."

    Mike C. - Albany , NY
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