The Art of Surrender

Featuring the core process of all of Sandy Levey-Lunden's Courses, "The Clearing"

The Art of Surrender is an opportunity to heal any relationship that has caused you grief or conflict. At this course we take an in-depth look at the limiting beliefs people hold about love and relationships.

During The Art of Surrender people uncover more of who they are and embrace themselves from within. All healing is a release of the negative past. The negative thoughts, feelings and emotions a person experiences are a reflection of a negative past that they have not yet cleared.

If you feel incomplete or unrecognized in any relationship, you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to heal and make whole this relationship. Time may not always heal. You must take the first steps toward healing and forgiveness. You alone can invite yourself to a life of peace, love and joy.

The Art of Surrender teaches The Power of Clearing Process and contains seven different Clearings in major areas of challenge in a person's life, which can include their mother, father, self, sister, brother, children, their finances, their concept of God, their sexuality, their fears, and their guilt.

We transform the old paradigm thinking of our parents and society, in all the areas of relationship, into a new paradigm shift in the area of relationship. We begin to understand what it means to create a healing partnership based upon true honesty, authentic communication, common support, friendship, joining, and common purpose. This creates a healing partnership in which both people can support each other with tools from the Art of Surrender Course, and to hold a space of healing for each other.

In the Art of Surrender, we will go wherever we need to go to help each of you find your way home to your truest Self. It is a personalized course geared toward each individual's issues. We have only a handful of participants in the room, and therefore each person will get a significant amount of time to go deep with their process. The course contains many personalized and individual clearings with clearing coaches.

Through several sessions guided in the revolutionary Clearing technique by experienced coaches, you will initiate the journey to self-healing by identifying your sub-conscious blockages to joy, success, and lasting relationships. You will finally be able to surrender them in trust to your higher self to be perceived truthfully and without judgment.

This technique is a vital tool that can be used in any situation at any time to help release those blockages by releasing negative perceptions of the past, unreal assumptions about the present, and unrealistic expectations of the future - allowing you to fully experience the power, freedom, and pure delight of NOW.

This amazing workshop will give you...

  • Release from conflicts in any interpersonal relationships.

  • a tool that can be used anywhere at any time.

  • emotional closure from past traumas or relationships.

  • a new outlook on a life you never knew you could live.

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