The Power of Clearing
Coaching Certification Program - Difference

Certifying Coaches and Counselors around the world in the Clearing Process

What makes this program different?

    In order to teach others, participants are led to understand their own forgiveness process, and be committed to their own personal release of what they are holding as a burden in their own lives. In this way, they can show others by demonstrating that they are willing to do it first. By teaching participants to use the Clearing Process on themselves first, this program works from the Inside - Out.

    Sandy will teach you how to market your own coaching business, as she has taught thousands of people how to market their self-created businesses through her "Art of Personal Marketing" training program.

    Only 10 new students will be accepted to this program. All coaches-in-training will receive many hours of personal, in depth, one-on-one training, counseling and supervision.

    You will experience other healing modalities taught by trained professionals.

What sets Sandy Levey-Lunden apart from other trainers?

    Sandy Levey-Lunden has over 25 years of experience training coaches, therapists, and healers around the world, including Sweden, Australia, Germany, England, Hawaii, Canada, and the United States. She is one of the forerunners of transformational thinking and healing, creator of the revolutionary healing modality, the Clearing Process™. Her professional career began in 1979, along with the careers of her friends and colleagues, Shakti Gawain, Chuck Spezanno, Louise Hay, and Justin Sterling.

    Sandy's unique approach of combining the healing process of the coach and the client has resulted in thousands of life-changing breakthroughs.

    Sandy's life purpose, which she lives every day, is to train as many coaches and therapists in her Clearing Process in order to help as many people clear the ego stories and negative patterns in their lives and come to emotional closure of their issues (releasing the trauma), and gaining spiritual evolvement.

    Sandy and her colleagues who will work with you during the program are highly skilled counselors, coaches and facilitators. There will be one of them for every two participants.

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