The Power of Clearing
Coaching Certification Program - Process

Certifying Coaches and Counselors around the world in the Clearing Process

It begins with you and extends, through application of the system of clearing, to teaching others to do the same. Based on 'A Course in Miracles', The Clearing Process ™ is a forgiveness process in which the patterns in our lives are laid bare for us to witness. In it we can choose to forgive what no longer serves us and let it go. Once you learn The Clearing Process™ you can apply it to any situation in your life. It is a simple, yet profound communication process for speaking your total truth, for being acknowledged without judgment, and releasing from the subconscious mind any negative conditioning from your past.

The Clearing Process ™ creates a unique space for honoring all relationships by releasing past traumas that are consciously or unconsciously affecting our current relationships. These unacknowledged and unresolved issues do not disappear; rather they reappear in a variety of forms within our current relationships. We are usually not aware of these patterns and find ourselves confused as another relationship falls into the same negative spin as the one before.

POCCCP is about shedding light on these patterns to find out what ideas and beliefs create the very foundation of our lives. Once we can see what made us create the life we have right now, we can choose to forgive and let go of the past. Doing so makes it possible for us to create a whole new set of blueprints for our future life and relationships. In order to truly connect with another we need to be able to allow the momentary dropping of our ego boundaries - being vulnerable, yet perfectly safe and free.

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