The Power of Clearing
Coaching Certification Program - Steps

Certifying Coaches and Counselors around the world in the Clearing Process

The purpose of this new program is to train and motivate as many new teachers as possible in The Clearing Process ™, created by Sandy Levey Lunden, so that relationships among people everywhere become more authentic and loving. This program will deepen your own personal process of releasing the barriers to your own freedom and peace, as well as give you the motivation and skill to create your own coaching business, on the telephone as well as in person.

Part 1 is the intensive 10 day training program which includes:

  • The full Certification training, 12 hours a day. Intensive in-depth training and one-on-one coaching in learning, teaching, and using The Clearing Process™; and several proven counseling modalities.

  • The best of Sandy's "Art of Personal Marketing" course, with the techniques to help you recruit new clients, start a successful coaching career, and live your true purpose;

  • A 40 page workbook with exercises, worksheets, information, resources, and more for use during the course, and that you can take home!

  • The 2-day course, "The Art of Surrender", where YOU will use what you have learned to coach and hold the space for new participants using The Clearing Process™.

  • A Certificate authenticating your hours of training and authorization to teach the Power of Clearing

Part 2 Consists of follow-up courses and sessions where you will Clear with other trainees, senior trainers, and clients on the phone or in person. Group conference calls may be scheduled as well.

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