Outrageous Unstoppable True Leadership Adventure for Women

Do you ever feel you are destined for greater things?

Do you ever stop yourself from being too loud, too different or too much?

Do you feel stifled in your ability to fully express yourself?

If so, join Sandy Levey-Lundén in an extraordinary 3-day journey that will lead you to actualize the potential you KNOW you have.

Imagine what you could achieve once you

    * Give yourself the license to BE 100% YOURSELF

    * Create a VISION for your life and


This is a graduate course for women committed to discovering and living their deepest Truth.

It's an invitation to take "PLAYING BIG" to the next level.

In this Workshop you will…

    * stretch the limits of what you think is possible in your level of OUTRAGEOUSNESS

    * release whatever is in the way of your being UNSTOPPABLE in creating your life, your way

    * learn to play POWERFULLY in the world as a leader on the EDGE

"The Outrageous Unstoppable Woman's Leadership Adventure was just that: UNSTOPPABLE and OUTRAGEOUS! This course was, without a doubt, the DEEPEST COURSE I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. The changes in my life were immeasurable, concrete and totally obvious. It was the purest example of how 20 powerful women can join in one purpose for change and become totally UNSTOPPABLE."
~Denise Leppard
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