Advanced Hand Analysis Yearlong Training

Mastering the Hands Data Base
An yone who has taken the Hand An alysis Intensive (a pre-requisite for the Year Long) has already learned the mechanics of putting together a Life Purpose Chart and knows the main lines in the hand. In the Year Long there is much more time to study hand shape, line formations, and fingerprint interpretation. Whether it turns out that you would like to become a professional hand analyst or just wish to add this diagnostic tool to your self-awareness tool kit, by the end of the Year Long Training you will be prepared to do professional level readings.

Journey of Self Discovery
You cannot read for others anything that you are unwilling to look at in your own truth mirror. The Year Long will put you nose-to-nose with your own Life Purpose and Life Lesson, magnified enormously right before your very eyes. Imagine, there you are telling your readee about whatever avoidance behavior is between her and the life she wants. She responds with a series of lame excuses: my Aunt Mathilda this; my boss that. Blah, blah, blah.and then it hits you. "She sounds just like me. I better shape up or I'll wind up just like her."

Communications Skills
It is one thing to see what is going on in someone's hands. It is another thing entirely to be able to talk about it in such a way that the person can use the information to improve his or her life. This is the third element of the Year Long and is vital to both your readership skills and your own personal development. We call this part of the Year Long "The Life Long Training."

Group Work
You are not studying hands and your own Life Purpose and Life Lesson in a vacuum. You are on a journey with several other special and committed persons who also decided to learn hands and change their own lives. The group energy grows exponentially during the course of the Year Long and the relationships made under the umbrella of learning hands are good for a lifetime. In the end, a person gets out of the Year Long what they put in. Invest your life and your soul, your heart and your intelligence, your willingness to share and your willingness to listen and support, and come out of your Year Long a you that you can spend the rest of your life with.

Students are required to read 500 hands (with confirmation signatures) for certification.

Tuition: $8,000 (Payment program available)
Deposit: $1,500 secures your place in the course
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